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"I did my homework right away so I didn’t have to wait till the last minute like you.."


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TOP 5 TAYLOR SWIFT SONGS || (4)  » Last Kiss
“The song ‘Last Kiss’ is sort of like a letter to somebody. You say all of these desperate, hopeless feelings that you have after a break-up. Going through a break-up you feel all of these different things. You feel anger, and you feel confusion, and frustration. Then there is the absolute sadness. The sadness of losing this person, losing all the memories, and the hopes you had for the future. There are times when you have this moment of truth where you just admit to yourself that you miss all these things. When I was in one of those moments I wrote this song.- Taylor Swift”

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wanderlustnina : How come that i love you so much ? 😢💔


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(لا يكلّف الله نفسًا إلا وسعها)
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if ‘1989’ sells a million copies or better in its first week, Taylor Swift will be the first person in HISTORY to have 3 consecutive albums break the million mark during their release week


taylorswift 😍👏👏👏👏

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My sister just sent me this, no wonder where I get my priorities from. She taught me well :)